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Whether you dream of bringing that luxury resort-like feel to your home or you’re looking to build a modern yet minimal pool, Aqua Living Pools are experts in installing concrete swimming pools and spas on the Gold Coast.

Get that holiday feeling every day with a concrete swimming pool. Known for their incredible versatility, concrete pools allow you to express your individuality with a unique design for you and your house. With your specific requirements in mind, a concrete pool is built on-site and in the ground to ensure your family can enjoy your pool year round.

The Aqua Living Pools team is highly experienced and possesses advanced engineering knowledge to construct concrete swimming pools safely, with minimal intervention to your life.

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Why Choose a

Concrete Swimming Pool?

A pool is a significant investment, so it needs to be built to last. A concrete pool is the best way to get the pool of your dreams due to it’s customsation options, durability & the years of happiness it’ll bring you and your family. 

As experienced concrete swimming pool builders on the Gold Coast, concrete is generally the material of choice when building a pool. Concrete pools are extremely strong and durable and have several advantages that make them the most popular choice. The three main benefits of building a concrete pool are customisation, durability and easy to maintain. If you’re looking to get started with your own concrete pool then give us a call to discuss your options further.

Benefits of Building a Concrete Pool

The main benefits of building a concrete pool opposed to other options available are:


A concrete pool can be designed and poured to any shape or depth to suit your specific needs and available space. This design flexibility means you don't have to settle for a generic look, instead, you can customise and add your personal touch. Many people don't realise how versatile concrete is, by choosing to build a concrete pool, you can build any size and shape and add any features you want. In addition to designing a custom shape, you can add different surface finishes, tiles and pebbles.


Few construction materials can withstand extreme weather conditions year after year, and concrete is one of them. Concrete is adaptable to various climates and highly resistant to water damage, chlorine and any other salts that may be present in the pool water.

Easy to Maintain:

One of the most significant advantages of installing a concrete pool is that it's easy to maintain. Because concrete is so durable, you can use almost any salt and chemicals without worrying about significant damage. This makes cleaning a concrete pool a breeze.

Concrete Pools

PebbleCrete Concrete Pool Finishes

Pebblecrete Concrete Pool

A PebbleCrete pool is a popular finish for modern swimming pools on the Gold Coast. It’s essentially pebbles mixed in cement, but the result is a beautifully textured surface that allows you to add your own unique flare and custom colour. 

Another reason why PebbleCrete is so popular is because of its durability compared to a tiled pool where acidic water is left to rot the grout. If a PebbleCrete pool has a damaged surface, it can be easily repaired with a new layer of cement or smoothed over to create a Terrazzo-like finish.

We also have a range of other pool finishes including tiles that will cater to your unique design requests.

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Concrete Pool Installation

Installing a pool can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re not familiar with the process. Our expert concrete pool builders will help you through every step of the way from the pool design through to construction.

Whether you’re looking to build an infinity pool, a retaining wall pool, or you want a custom-designed pool our team can help. Here we outline exactly what’s involved when building a concrete swimming pool on the Gold Coast.

Pool Marking and Layout
After the design and plans have been approved and the required permits obtained, we mark the layout of the pool before the excavators come in.
Construction begins when a digger comes in to begin excavation of the depth and width of the pool. A plumber also comes in during this phase to ensure that proper circulation and filtration are maintained over the pool's lifetime.
Pool Shell
Before concrete is poured, we reinforce the pool shell with steel wire which is placed vertically and horizontally on the excavated site.
Concrete Pour
During this phase, your pool comes to life. We create the shell with concrete, and our skilled builders shape and spread the concrete, ensuring an even consistency.
Concrete Curing
Concrete needs time to set to make it strong enough to withstand thousands of litres of water. This curing process takes up to 30 days. During this time, we'll ask you to regularly water the outer layers of the shell to keep the concrete cool and avoid cracking.
Installation of Electricals
An electrician comes in to run under-shell cablings in order to connect the heater, lighting and filtration system to an electrical source.
Finishing Touches
In this last phase, we add the final design elements to the interior as per your custom design. We can tile the entire shell, add PebbleCrete to the surface, or paint the whole pool. Once these last touches have been finished, the pool will be filled with water and ready for you to enjoy.

Why Choose Us As Your

Concrete Pool Builder on the Gold Coast

The application of a concrete pool requires a trained professional, and with over 20 years of experience, we guarantee quality craftsmanship and excellent service. Our fully licensed and insured builders service the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Heads, Northern Rivers and Byron Bay areas. We offer a comprehensive on-site consultation and quote and invite anyone thinking of building a pool to reach out to us and share their ideas so we can design the pool of your dreams together.

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