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We build and design beautiful swimming pools on the Gold Coast that will excite your family, and enhance your lifestyle


Designing a Pool

Nothing says Australian summer like a backyard pool, and nothing beats those days when the whole family is home, the BBQ is on, and the refreshing pool water is calling your name. 

Every home is different, and we design every pool with that in mind. Considering the shape and finish just scratches the surface of everything that needs to be assessed when designing a pool. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes before the pool goes in the ground, and we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to design and build a pool they’re happy with. 

When designing a pool, Our pool design Gold Coast experts consider the following: 

  • Soil Conditions
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Land Surveying
  • Pool Placement
  • A Style That Suits You
  • Dimensions
  • Pool Entry & Exit
  • Pool Add-ons
  • Tiling & Paving

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas

You can choose from countless swimming pool designs, all with their own individual benefits and functions. Do you want a lap pool to keep your fitness up? Or are you looking for a classic kidney shape where the whole family can dive and jump in? Or are you looking for something sleek and sophisticated that allows you to relax and spend your afternoon in peace around your new pool? Our experienced team can help you go over all your pool options and features to design and construct your dream pool.


Pool Design Process

Designing a pool is just as fun as enjoying it once it’s finished. Though there are several tried and true pool designs, our experienced team can work with you to design a unique and individual custom concept and bring your idea to life.

When designing a custom pool, we consider your property, how you use your outdoor or indoor space, how the pool can best integrate with your home and landscape and often the most important thing, budget. The Aqua Living Pools design process is a simple seven-step method. Once your pool is designed we can then head into the pool construction phase.

Step 1 - Council-Approved Plans
Clear building plans and designs to submit to your local council to review.
Step 2 - Soil Testing
A soil test can determine the soil composition in your backyard, including salts, organics, fill, clay, sand, gravel and silt. A builder will require a soil report to determine if there will be any construction issues.
Step 3 - Engineering
The structural engineering step will consider a range of factors ensuring that the soil conditions and the loading of the swimming pool are applied to the structure.
Step 4 - Certification
A certification that proves your pool's safety and compliance. Essential to have if you sell your home.
Step 5 - Council Approval
Subsequent development approval is required for a new swimming pool, spa pool and safety fencing.
Step 6 - Peering
STEP 7 - Micro Digs
The experience and technical knowledge to begin excavation for your pool.

Designing A Pool on the Gold Coast

The beauty of living on the Gold Coast is that you get to use your pool all year round. A pool is a fantastic home feature that adds value to your home and brings your friends and family together, giving you the laid-back Queensland lifestyle.

Though we’re based and primarily service the Gold Coast area, our services can extend to Brisbane, the Tweed and Northern Rivers area and Byron Bay. If you’re thinking of designing a pool, give us a call or book a comprehensive on-site consultation and quote today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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We’re a family-run business with a lean team that achieves significant results. With over 20 years of experience in the building and construction industry, Aqua Living Pools has become an award-winning business. We’re fully licensed and insured, but most importantly, we love what we do.

We pride ourselves on having a positive and ongoing close relationship with our clients, and being honest, upfront and on time are the words we live by.

Our On-site consultation service is open to all. Whether you’re simply considering building and designing a pool and what to learn more about the process, or if you have a fully-fledged idea you’re ready to progress, we encourage all our clients to bring their ideas to the table for an obligation-free on-site consultation and quote.

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