Half the battle in building a pool is knowing what you need to get started and knowing the process behind the pool construction.

Aqua Living Pools works with you to design and construct a residential pool that suits your lifestyle needs, producing a quality pool that suits the design of your home and backyard.

In constructing your new dream pool, we will start with an on-site consult which will kick off the quoting process. We offer a design consult appointment in our “pool room” which offers plenty of inspiration. Can’t get to us? We also offer appointments after hours, and Skype appointments.

Construction times will vary depending on the style, design and location of your pool, but generally we can get you in your new pool in 6 – 10 weeks. The time of year is also a big factor in construction time – many homeowners wait until the hot weather hits before deciding they’d like to install a pool. Plan early, have a design in mind, and you’ll be swimming in your new pool in no time.

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Aqua Living Pools has over 20 years experience in designing & constructing new pools on the Gold Coast & South East Queensland.

Aqua Living Pools has over 20 years experience in the construction industry on the Gold Coast & South East Queensland. Our professional team of experts can help you with the design, construction and all the different options & accessories for your new pool.

If you’re thinking of getting a new pool installed at your home, book your initial consultation & get detailed quote for Aqua Living Pools. If you’re thinking of getting a new pool installed at your home, book your initial consultation & get detailed quote for Aqua Living Pools.

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Pool Building Process

Step 1 - Preliminary work
After your quotation consultation and you are happy to go ahead with a contract, our professional team will be busy working behind the scenes enlisting our trusted team for soil testing and all preliminary work to make sure that your pool will be certified and engineered to the highest quality. Soil testing allows our team to have a better understanding of your block as well as research to see if there are any other obstacles. We will be in full consultation with you all the way in this process.
Step 2 - Earthworks
All the preliminary work has been completed, we have had all your plans approved and it is dig day. Excavation is where the hole is created with machinery specifically for your dig, then steel and internal plumbing work is also completed before spray day. This process is where the most important work is done. Our team will be there to make sure your pool is exactly as it should be for your Aqua Living designed and engineered pool
Step 3 - Structural Shell
Within a week, you will have seen an immense amount of progress in your backyard. You are seeing a transformation take place where your pool is taking it shape. Reinforced steel works, light fixtures, internal electrical cables will be already installed – all ready for your pool to be sprayed by our expert shotcreters who will complete the job to the Aqua Living high standard. Each part of your pool has been curated with the highest quality. We make sure that there is industry standards and above with engineering and steel fixtures as well as high quality lights, and plumbing work for not only quality but for a modern and sleek design look. This process will take a good day to complete for an average pool and will take 3- 4 weeks to cure. Having a cured shell is important to the overall quality of the pool in order to have a supreme structure that will last for years to come. Please note, the reason we have such a good reputation for the quality of our pools as we stand by the engineering as well as the high quality and quantity of steel we use in the pool. With recent price rises, we make sure that we give you what your pool will cost with the right amount of fixtures with quality always in mind.
Step 4 -Tiling
Whilst your pool has been curing, you will have had an opportunity to have an in depth consultation with our suppliers who come to you! The display room on wheels will come to you to offer a full consult on what will work best for your pool, your backyard and landscape as well as the design colours of your house. Our expert tilers will them install your tiles with precision and bring your pool the next stage of completion. We offer the best pool design Gold Coast.
Step 5 - Filtration
Filtration stage is the connective part that makes your pool a pool. Our highly qualified plumbing team uses Hayward pumps, an extremely high quality product, to fit off all plumbing work and get your pool ready to be a pool. Your filtration fit off includes all pipe work neatly installed and finished as well as your Hayward pool pump being connected. Having all you plumbing work running completely perfect is our top priority so that you can know that for years to come – your Aqua Living pool is quality through and through from inside our outside of the pool. Looking for Pool Builders Gold Coast? Call us today.
Step 6 - Internal lining
After your pool has had coping tile completed and you may have also chosen for an inner tile band in your pool it is ready for the internal lining to be completed. The main internal lining for a majority of our pools is pebbelcrete. We offer a wide variety of colour glass and mixes in order to determine your water colour as well as offer both standard and a premium mix pebblcrete mix. We also offer a well resourced document to all our clients including all the pebbe crete range that will suit your pool dreams. Pebbelcrete is soft on the feet as well as offering that beautiful resort look and is long lasting for pools as it is an engineered product. We offer many different types of pebblecrete variations as well. Please call us to ask us how we can suit your design dreams as well as what will be best for your pool. If you need Pool Builders Gold Coast, Aqua living pools is right for you. If you are after a full luxury finish we also have special trades who skillfully tile whole pools. This luxurious internal lining requires the right qualified trades that we have to suit all needs of each pool.

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