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Infinity Pools don’t need to be reserved for high-end hotels and resorts. You can add that touch of luxury to your backyard by building a custom infinity pool with Aqua Living Pools. Showcase the stunning views of the Gold Coast and seamlessly integrate an infinity pool design into your property. Our services and state-of-the-art construction and design can’t be matched, and we guarantee that you’ll absolutely love the high-end feeling an infinity pool brings to your home.

Why are Gold Coast Infinity Pools So Popular?

An infinity pool has become a popular option that Gold Coast & Brisbane residents add to their properties. Its sleek, minimal and resort-like style is visually appealing, adds value to your property and offers a return on investment.

Infinity pools are designed so the pool’s walls are built in line with the pool’s water level. Regular in-ground swimming pools have a cap or shelf that is on average 15 cm above the pool’s water level. This shelf keeps the water within the pool’s four walls and allows water to be collected via filters and then recycled directly back into the pool, creating a closed-circuit filtration system.

With an infinity pool, water flows over the pool’s edge, giving the appearance of a vanishing edge where an endless boundary meets the horizon. The design works so that a tank below the pool captures the water that flows over the edge. The water is then filtered and recirculated back into the body of the pool, which makes an infinity pool sustainable and doesn’t increase your water bills. Additionally, infinity pools have their own automated filtration systems, which reduces the need for manual cleaning. This means you can spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it.

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Building Quality Infinity Pools Gold Coast

Building an infinity pool is highly technical and the process often takes several weeks. There is no existing mould or standardised shell that can be installed in your backyard. Infinity pools are, therefore, custom-built with the strongest and most durable material, concrete. Pools with an infinity edge can be built on almost any property. Infinity pools are typically built on sloping properties with a natural view, making it easier to create the impression of a vanishing edge.

Today, infinity pool designs are much more sophisticated, and if your property has flat terrain and is without a natural landscape, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an infinity pool. Our experienced pool designers can build an infinity pool, no matter what your property is like and we help to design an outdoor space where your infinity pool matches the decor of your home.

BUILD AN INFINITY POOL with Aqua Living Pools

Building an infinity pool is a big task, but it’s an exciting one. There are many logistical factors to consider, and though the finished result makes the hard work worth it, you need to work closely with experienced professionals to get the job done stress-free.

At Aqua Living Pools, we specialise in high-end luxury pools and can customise any design to your property, no matter how complex the conditions are. As experienced pool builders with years of experience in the building industry, we’ve designed and built countless luxury pools and have won awards for our infinity pools. We are a customer-focused business and offer comprehensive onsite consultations and quotes to anyone considering building a luxury pool. Our work speaks for itself, and we pride ourselves on customer service and the joy they get once their pool is complete.

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