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We’re a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience in the building industry. While we’re fully accredited, licensed and insured, our service guarantee sets us apart. We offer a free detailed quote that gives you time to think about what you want without feeling pressured to make a decision. 

Our pool building services extend across the Gold Coast to Brisbane, Tweed and Northern Rivers, and Byron Bay. Our work has been recognised with industry awards, but we’re most proud of the smile and satisfaction we see on our client’s faces when their pool is finally ready to enjoy

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Experienced Swimming Pool Builders

We specialise in building premium and luxury pools that enhance your lifestyle, bring your family closer together and create a space for you to entertain those closest to you. Whether you want to build a pool to throw parties and entertain at weekend gatherings or design one that becomes a centrepiece of your family life, no idea is too small. We encourage all our clients to bring their ideas to the table, so we can work out what pool options & features are possible. You can check out our full gallery of recent pool builds for your idea inspiration.


Style of Pools


It goes without saying that concrete is one of the strongest and most durable materials to build with. But, what most people don’t realise is how versatile and customisable concrete is. Our concrete swimming pools are built onsite and in the ground, which allows you to tailor the space to your needs completely. Our concrete pool builders are highly trained and experienced and always strive to build our client’s pools with minimal intervention to their life. 

Learn more about how you can customise your concrete pool and about the concrete pool building process via our dedicated page.

Concrete Finished Pool


We can design the luxury pool you’ve been dreaming of and turn your backyard into a complete oasis with a luxury pool. When designing a luxury pool, we carefully consider the aesthetic of your home and the flow of your backyard to create a custom luxury pool that works for you and your space and looks beautiful too. 

Nothing is off-limits when designing a luxury pool. You can add a unique texture to the pool’s surface, infinity edge or a Baja Shelf.

Learn more about our luxury pools on our dedicated luxury pools page.


Custom Designer Pools

Create your own private luxury resort style swimming pool that will be the envy of everyone who visits. That wow factor that a luxury custom pool brings can also increase the value of your property as well.

Our experienced team are there from the initial design of your custom pool through to the construction of your custom designer pool

Check out our custom pools page and learn more about our designer pool options and get started today! 

Custom Pools

Infinity Pools

We have been building infinity pools for over 20 years and won awards in 2021 for our amazing pool with an infinity edge. If you are after the most luxurious styled pool with a seamless never ending flow of water, speak to our team about our amazing infinity pools.

Our award-winning infinity pools are customised to your specific needs and wants.

Learn more about our infinity pools and how our team can help you to create a pool you can be proud of.

Infinity Pool Builders


Tough hard to build on areas are where we excel. Having a pool built into the side of hill, looking out of the landscape, nothing better than a retaining wall pool with views that last for days.

A retaining wall pool can open your backyard to a wonderful view while utilising the space on your block. 

Find out more about our retaining wall pools today and get started creating your dream pool

A backyard pool with retaining wall pools made by aqua living pools nestled amidst lush trees, creating a serene oasis.


Gold Coast is changing, blocks are getting split into townhouses and smaller allotments, so the need for unique small or plunge pools is high. With our design team we can lift your small space into a luxurious oasis with a stylish premium plunge pool everyone can enjoy.

We have created luxury & premium small pools with big features. No matter the space there’s a pool option for you. 

Learn more about our premium plunge pools today!

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Our Process to

Build a Pool

As a family-run business, we know how important it is to spend time with family. While we build luxury pools where the sky’s the limit, we also love building family pools that allow families to make memories together. If you’re thinking of building a family pool, you can choose from a selection of quality concrete pool options that offer safety and reliability, or you can choose to do something different and design a custom-finished concrete family swimming pool. Learn more about building a family pool that will provide lasting fun for years to come. Contact our pool builders Gold Coast today!

Our professional team will take care of everything for your pool installation once you sign a contract following our quotation consultation. We will work with our reliable team to perform soil testing and other preliminary work to guarantee that your pool complies with the highest quality standards and certifications. Soil testing enables us to assess your block better and discover any possible difficulties. We will communicate with you throughout this process.
We have completed all the preliminary work, obtained all the approvals for your plans and it is time to dig. This is when we use machinery to create the hole according to your design, and then we also install steel and internal plumbing before spraying. This is the most critical stage of the work. Our team will be there to ensure that your pool matches your Aqua Living design and engineering specifications.
In a week's time, you will see a huge difference in your backyard. Your pool is changing into its final form. We have already put in place reinforced steel works, light fixtures, internal electrical cables and everything else that is required for your pool to be sprayed by our experienced shotcreters who will do the job according to the Aqua Living high standard. Every element of your pool has been chosen with the highest quality as a priority. We make sure that we go beyond industry standards with engineering and steel fixtures as well as high quality lights and plumbing work for both quality and a modern and sleek design look. This process will take around a day for an average pool and will need 3- 4 weeks to cure. A cured shell is vital for the overall quality of the pool as it offers a superior structure that will last for years to come. Please note, we have such a good reputation for the quality of our pools because we stand by the engineering as well as the high quality and quantity of steel we use in the pool. Despite recent price rises, we make sure that we give you what your pool will cost with the right amount of fixtures with quality always in mind.
While your pool has been curing, you will have had a chance to have a detailed consultation with our suppliers who come to you! The mobile display room will come to you to offer a full consult on what will suit your pool, your backyard and landscape as well as the design colours of your house. Our expert tilers will them install your tiles with accuracy and bring your pool the next stage of completion. We offer the best pool design Gold Coast.
The filtration stage connects your pool to the water system. Our expert plumbers use Hayward pumps, a top-notch product, to complete all the plumbing work and make your pool functional. Your filtration fit off involves installing and finishing all the pipe work and connecting your Hayward pool pump. We ensure that all your plumbing work is done flawlessly so that you can enjoy your Aqua Living pool for years to come with confidence in its quality inside and outside of the pool. Need Pool Builders Gold Coast? Contact us today.
Your pool is ready for the internal lining once the coping tile and the optional inner tile band are done. Most of our pools use pebbelcrete as the main internal lining. You can choose from a wide range of colour glass and mixes to get your desired water colour. We also have standard and premium pebblcrete mixes to offer. We provide a comprehensive document to all our clients with all the pebbe crete options that will match your pool vision. Pebbelcrete is gentle on the feet and gives your pool a stunning resort look. It is also durable for pools as it is an engineered product. We have different variations of pebblecrete to suit your design preferences and pool needs. Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your dream pool. For a full luxury finish, we also have skilled trades who can tile the whole pool with expertise. This lavish internal lining needs qualified trades that we have for every pool requirement. For Pool Builders Gold Coast, Aqua living pools is your best choice.

Aqua Living Pools

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Pools are timeless and bring so much joy to your home. From the young to the young at heart, everyone can get something out of a swimming pool. They’re a calm escape for those seeking a little bit of peace and quiet, they’re an arena to conquer for keen swimmers seeking extra practice, they’re a gathering point for family and friends, and they’re a safe environment for kids to learn how to feel confident in the pool. 

Whatever your reason for building a pool, Aqua Living Pools will help you design a pool that matches your home and compliments your lifestyle. From concept to construction, our experienced and friendly team will work with you every step of the way. Our goal is to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible so you can focus on the excitement of building a pool. 

If you’re considering building a pool, reach out to our award-winning team at Aqua Living Pools. We can’t wait to help you build the pool of your dreams.

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