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If you’re considering building a pool, you might be debating whether to go down the custom pool route. There are so many benefits to building a custom pool, as it allows you to create your own private escape from the world, choose the features suited to your needs and help build the home of your dreams.

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Custom Swimming Pool For Your Home

There are many benefits to designing a custom swimming pool. Here are the top benefits as to why you should consider adding customisation and unique options when building your new pool for your home.

Custom Designer Pools

Custom Made to Suit your Lifestyle

Everyone's home is unique, and we all use our space in a way that reflects our lifestyle. Designing a bespoke pool that is made to suit your lifestyle means that you can add the features you need and want. If you have a young family, you may need a pool with enough shallow area for the kids to play in. Maybe you and your partner want to create a luxurious spa oasis at home, or you love entertaining and want to have a swim up bar for friends and family to enjoy. When designing a custom pool, you can bring all your ideas to the table, and when you design with Aqua Living Pools, those ideas can come to life.

Control Over The Design

If you've put a lot of time, money and effort into your home and are looking to add a pool to enhance the space and match the aesthetic, pre-designed pools offer little opportunity to maximise your space. Having control over the design means you can create a custom shape and custom depth that fits your space and reflects the individual home you have built. Additionally, installing a custom pool adds significant value to your home. High-end materials appeal to discerning home buyers and enhance the unique selling proposition. The custom pool can be a huge selling point as it makes your home that much more unique for the interested buyer.

Adding Special Features

There are pools, and then there are pools with custom finishes, luxury spas, fountains and water features. Adding special features will also turn your pool from something functional to something beautiful. You can even consider adding bespoke tiling, an interior pool colour, internal lighting, coping tiles or an interesting texture to the bottom or side of your pool. When designing a custom pool, you can add any special features you want to the design. You could even add a custom waterslide that's fun for the young and the young at heart.

Custom Pool Construction Process

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want or are looking to bounce some ideas off a professional, our experienced custom pool builders can help design your bespoke pool and make recommendations based on your location, land mass, water system and any other challenges that may arise. 

Here’s a quick guide to the Aqua Living Pools, custom-built pool construction process.

Step 1: Location Visit
The first step to designing a custom built pool is to assess the location. Our Aqua Living Pools team will provide you wit ha quote through our detailed over the phone quoting system. If needed we will also come out to look at the area to help ensure we can give you the best advice on how to achieve the pool of your dreams.
Step 2: Review and Accept
Once you've accepted the quote, We then obtain the required council approvals and engage our engineers in order to get started on the building process.
Step 3: Excavation
This is when the exciting part starts, the excavators comes in to dig the hole and begin work on excavating the land where your new pool will soon take shape.
Step 4: Form, Concrete Pour and Plumbing
After digging the hole, our team begins work installing the internal steel framing and support. Next up are the concreters who'll come in and complete the concrete pour, laying the foundation for your pool before any special pebblecrete, pool tile and finishes you have selected get installed. The final stage in this step is plumbing and adding a filtration system.
Step 5: Pool Fencing
The final yet critically important step before your pool is ready. All Australian pools must have a pool fence by law. Before your pool is ready, we ensure everything is up to code and ready to be filled.
Step 6: Enjoy Your Pool
Once your pool is all up to scratch and is ready to be filled comes the exciting part of filling your brand new pool! Once filled you and your family are ready to dive in.

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Custom Built Pools on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast and surrounding areas have some challenging building conditions. Sloping Blocks, complex levels, unique building designs, and retaining walls are just some of the challenges that we face and solve with our custom pool builds. 

We have built a variety of custom designer pools with everything from infinity pools to luxury resort style pools

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Expert Custom Pool Designers

Here at Aqua Living Pools we have extensive experience in specialty designer pools and creating unique concrete pools that will keep make you a fan favourite in your neighbourhood. 

We work closely with our clients to design, build and deliver bespoke and unique custom design pools that suit their home, their aesthetics and the space they live in. 

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