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Just because your backyard is small, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on enjoying the transformative lifestyle experience of having a pool. With our design team we can make sure you are cooling down in your own plunge pool during the hot summers.

Plunge pools are perfect where size is limited & with our innovative design and construction team we can tailor a solution that is deep enough for a comforting deep for the whole family. The additional benefit of plunge pools is they’re much smaller so the costs of maintenance and water requirements is much less than a standard sized pool.

Our premium plunge pools don’t lack for all the creature comforts, magnesium water, spas or even a nice water feature can offer that touch of luxury to excite your visitors when they pop over for a swim.

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Aqua Living Pools has over 20 years building experience including designing & constructing premium plunge pools on the Gold Coast & South East Queensland.

Our professional team of experts can help you with the design, construction and all the different options & accessories for your plunge pool.

If you’re thinking of getting a plunge pool installed at your home, book your initial consultation & get detailed quote for Aqua Living Pools.

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