Beautiful Currumbin is a central suburb of the Gold Coast where Currumbin Creek joins the rainforest mountains to the west, with the Alley being an entrance to the ocean and a gorgeous beachfront community. Best known for its array of wildlife and as a haven for active water sports like kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding due to the protected nature of the inlet. The lifestyle you achieve by living here is idyllic and most adored by water lovers. What could make a water lover’s life more perfect? It would be year-round access to swimming facilities so finding great pool builders in the local area would be a dream. Aqua Living Pools are experts in pool construction and are locals to the area. They can help you access water sports year-round, whether it is a space for the whole family to enjoy or a place to relax and do your daily laps.

Pools today are no longer as hard to maintain or as expensive to upkeep as they used to be. Self-cleaning and solar heating mean that the day-to-day running of a pool can be kept to the minimum while the fun and joy they can bring are maximised. The trends to look for in pool construction include design over size, having a place to get out of the unrelenting heat while being able to relax is more important than having the pool take over your whole yard. The rectangle shape is still king, with pool builders adding inbuilt bench seating so you can sit with a drink in hand in your cool pool. Or if space allows creating a shallow area of the pool so that the kids can splash around is high on people’s wish lists.

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