Common Pool Repairs Gold Coast

With the weather heating up you may be starting to use your pool a little more. Before you start using the pool daily, there are some common pool repairs on the Gold Coast as well as  maintenance that you should be doing now before they cause issues later on.

Clean or Replace Your Pool Filter

If it’s been awhile since you cleaned or replaced your pool filter, now is a good time to do it. Your filter stops much of the oil and debris from your pool, and while they can last a long time, they do need cleaning regularly and eventually replacing. Now is the time to ensure it is working it’s best before summer really starts.

Replace Your Pool Heater

This is something you probably won’t think about until winter and realise your pool heater is no longer working. Much like installing air conditioning during winter can be cheaper and quicker, the same goes for replacing a non-working pool heater. If your pool heater is still working fine, ensure you maintain it over the summer period so that you can still continue to swim year-round.

Check for Leaks – And Fix Them

A leak can start off quite small but quickly go to something much bigger; and sadly, even a small leak can cause a lot of damage and cost you a lot of money. If your pool seems to be losing water quickly, it’s essential to have it checked for any leaks.

How’s Your Pump Motor?

The pool pump keeps your pool running and clean. Without water circulating, the pool will get dirty and become unswimable. This can become quite a costly repair if you don’t maintain or replace your pool pump when it stops working.

If you have a pool on the Gold Coast, you’ll know that you need to do regular maintenance to keep on top of any pool repairs. Aqua Living Pools can help you with all your Gold Coast pool repairs, and keep  your family swimming this summer.

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