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Swimming Pool

A rapidly increasing population, pollution and continued development have made summers more intense across our towns and cities. If you live in an area where summers are scorching, installing a swimming pool enables you to soak up the sun from the comfort of your home, enhancing the beauty and value of your home.

Unfortunately many people underestimate the cost of building a pool because they haven’t taken into consideration all the costs involved. Below, we look at the costs of building a swimming pool.

Where to Start?

One of the most tricky and technical decisions is where to start because your choice will directly impact building price. The selection of location for building a swimming pool dramatically affects the price as different parts of land in your home or backyard require different preparation of work that may increase your costs.

Swimming pool building costs also vary with the specifications you want. Specifications include the size, shape, style, and safety features of your pool. In many areas, people have to spend a little bit of money on fulfilling the council requirements.

Various Types of Pools

The costs of building, material, maintenance and many other ongoing costs vary with the type of swimming pool you want to build in your backyard. For example, creating an in-ground pool is costlier than building an above ground pool because of different building materials and maintenance costs. Usually, installing an in-ground pool costs anywhere between $20,000-$1, 00,000 and building an above ground pool costs anywhere between $100-$20,000.

Materials and Installation

Another major factor that affects the pool building costs is the material you choose and its installation. These days, fibreglass, concrete, and vinyl liners are common pool building materials. Concrete is the most expensive option that can cost between $30,000 and $1 00,000. However, both fibreglass and vinyl liner pools may cost between $25,000 and $35,000. Fibreglass and vinyl liner are cheaper and used for in-ground pools, while concrete can be used for in-ground and above ground pools.


Across Australia there are various laws around swimming pools however one thing that everyone agrees on is fencing. Fencing (and landscaping) will increase your overall build costs, but again, the type of fence you choose and the materials you use may, or may not, increase your build costs.

Frameless glass, semi-frameless glass, pine/timber and wrought iron fencing are common materials and each one comes with its own costs.

Ongoing Maintenance Costs

A few further costs you need to consider if the ongoing maintenance costs. Pool pumps, vacuums, and covers are among the equipment that incurs additional costs; you’ll also have to spend some money to maintain the chemical level in the pool. It is recommended to have your pool chemical levels tested regularly.

For an overview of the costs involved in building your dream pool, contact the team at Aqua Living Pools today.

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poolside wood floor photo