poolside wood floor photo

Half the battle in building a pool is knowing what you need to get started and knowing the process behind the pool construction.

Aqua Living Pools works with you to design and construct a concrete pool that suits your lifestyle needs, producing a quality pool that suits the design of your home and backyard.

In constructing your new dream pool, we will start with an on-site consult which will kick off the quoting process. We offer a design consult appointment in our “pool room” which offers plenty of inspiration. Can’t get to us? We also offer appointments after hours, and Skype appointments.

Award-Winning Concrete Swimming Pools

Once we have the right design for you and your family, the exciting stuff begins! Our experienced team will begin the earthworks process, where we will mark out your pool and start digging. We then mould your pool and start adding your finishes whether that be tile, lighting, decking, colours and so much more.

Construction times will vary depending on the style, design and location of your pool, but generally we can get you in your new pool in 6 – 10 weeks. The time of year is also a big factor in construction time – many homeowners wait until the hot weather hits before deciding they’d like to install a pool. Plan early, have a design in mind, and you’ll be swimming in your new pool in no time.

Aqua Living Pools have over 20 years of experience in designing and constructing pools, pool houses, gazebos, pergolas and decks. Our professional and friendly team can help you with all areas of your design and install. If you’re thinking of getting a pool installed in your home, contact us for a free consult and quote.

poolside wood floor photo