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One of the benefits of the last 12 months or so is the run of real estate programs showing homeowners exactly what can be done with a pool – and let’s face it, there are some pretty amazing pools out there.

If your pool is looking a little tired, you might be thinking of giving it a makeover, but what pool ideas are trending as we go into 2022?


The first of the pool trends is ambient lighting. Ambient lights can really transform your pool, particularly at night. Carefully placed LED lighting will have you thinking of getting in for a swim at any time of the night. The bonus is that with technology growing quickly, in pool lighting designs are changing as well, bringing options like coloured lights that change on a pattern.

Natural Elements

Introducing natural elements is becoming a trend both internally and externally, with many homes bringing the feel and look of nature inside through furniture, furnishings, and plants. You can do the same in your backyard by planting a range of plants to suit the style you’re looking for.

Pool Fencing Update

One of the more popular renovations that pools on the Gold Coast undergo is a full replacement of fencing. A lot of older pools tend to have outdated fencing which can really take away from the full value and enjoyment of the pool. Borderless glass is currently one of the most popular options, showing off the best of your pool, while also allowing you to keep an eye on the kids in the pool without having your view obstructed.

Pool Resurfacing

If your pool is starting to get old, pool resurfacing is highly recommended. A pool resurfacing will require draining the pool, and then a full sanding back of the pool shell. This process gives time to check out your pool for any cracks and other issues, while also giving you a pool that looks brand new.

Is a pool update on your mind? Give the team at Aqua Living Pools a call to find out how we can help renovate and modernise your Gold Coast pool this summer.

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poolside wood floor photo