How long would pool construction take?

Are you looking to construct the perfect shimmering pool in your yard? You aren’t alone. Many people dream of having the perfect pool to lounge in and relax beside.

However, they often don’t take into consideration how long pool construction really takes.

Did you know, that depending on the weather and the schedule of your pool builder, pool construction usually takes anywhere between 2 -3 months. So, where is that time spent? Let’s take a look.

Perfect Pool Design: 2-3 days

If you’re on the ball and already have a pool design in mind, it should only take 2-3 days to get your pool design down. You’ll fire meet with a pool designer and spend some time explaining your vision to them. From here, they will undertake an inspection of the area including looking for drainage issues, making sure the design meets any government regulations and consulting with you on the design.

This is where building a new pool with Aqua Living Pools comes in handy. We can meet you at your home to discuss your pool build, or you can come to our pool house to be inspired by our designs.

Once this is done, the pool designer will then create a 3D image of what your pool will look like. When satisfied, it’s time to move onto the next step.

Pool Design Approval: 2-4 weeks

This is one stage where your timing can blow out. Once the design process is done, it’s time to get through council approvals. Now depending on how busy the council are will depend on how long this step takes. There is usually a fee involved, and council officers will come out to inspect the site. If everything goes ok, you will be asked to submit your pool design plans for approval. Once this is done, it’s all about waiting until approval comes through.

Excavation: 1-3 days

Once you have that approval it’s time to get started on the pool construction. Excavation is generally relatively quick, but it will depend on what the ground is like, what the weather is like and what services need to be avoided.

Let’s Plumb It In: 1-2 days

Next, it’s time to lay out a sturdy steel frame to provide the support your pool needs and take care of any pre-plumbing works to prevent leakage and damage in the future.

The Finishing Touches: 2-3 weeks

Once the pool is poured (for concrete pools) and set, the process of giving your pool the final look starts. It generally takes around 3 days to create the interior look you are going for, and then another 3-5 days to lay out the pool tiles. You may like to add in a little extra time for landscaping as well.

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