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The weather is heating up quickly and with that comes days of dreaming of having your own pool to jump into whenever you want. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to get in touch with Aqua Living Pools, Gold Coast’s award-winning concrete pool builders.

We all have that dream pool in mind – tropical surrounds, somewhere for the kids or grandkids to play, a place for the family to gather. Put simply, a place to entertain and to cool off.

One of the benefits of living on the Gold Coast is that you get to use your pool for much of the year. Apart from a month or two over winter, a high-quality pool means that you can cool off on the warmer days, do a couple of laps for fitness or simply just relax with the sound of water in the background.

Custom Design Pools

When you do decide to install a swimming pool, custom design pools are the way to go. These pools are designed for your space and often include landscaping, decks, lighting, and the like. When you choose to use Aqua Living Pools, we’ll invite you back to our pool house to discuss the size of your concrete pool, whether you want to add a spa, any luxury added features, and the option of adding a pool house, pergola, or deck.

Throughout this process, our experienced designers will take notes, show you samples and discuss what could work in the space you have.

By installing a custom design pool, you get the pool you want on your location.

Swimming Pool Installation

Once you’ve chosen your pool design, finish, and any additional features, our team can get onto installing a quality pool in your home. The installation process can take up to 10 weeks, as long as the weather is good. It’s always good to install your pool when the weather is drier, which also means your pool is ready to swim in come summer.

Benefit of Concrete Pools

Wondering why you should choose a concrete pool over a fibreglass pool? One of the biggest benefits is that concrete pools last for years before they need maintenance and repairs. Here’s some other benefits:

  • Can have a custom-made design – concrete pools are poured on site, allowing you to have almost any design you like.
  • Durable – long lasting, hard wearing
  • Attractive – due to the pool finishes, concrete pools can look highly attractive and welcoming

One of the downsides is that concrete pools can be more expensive to build, however they aren’t out of reach.
Pools are a great addition to any Gold Coast home, and you can’t go wrong when you use Aqua Living Pools – Gold Coast’s award winning concrete pool builders.


Across Australia there are various laws around swimming pools however one thing that everyone agrees on is fencing. Fencing (and landscaping) will increase your overall build costs, but again, the type of fence you choose and the materials you use may, or may not, increase your build costs.

Frameless glass, semi-frameless glass, pine/timber and wrought iron fencing are common materials and each one comes with its own costs.

Ongoing Maintenance Costs

A few further costs you need to consider if the ongoing maintenance costs. Pool pumps, vacuums, and covers are among the equipment that incurs additional costs; you’ll also have to spend some money to maintain the chemical level in the pool. It is recommended to have your pool chemical levels tested regularly.

For an overview of the costs involved in building your dream pool, contact the team at Aqua Living Pools today.

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poolside wood floor photo