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Thinking of installing an inground pool in your Gold Coast home? Plenty of homeowners have, but you’ve probably noticed that there is a bit of a different standard from pool to pool. Some are just standard pools with nothing special helping them standout. Other people, however, have spent the time to create a luxury pool surrounding to enjoy without having to book a holiday away.Aqua Living Pools provides a range of options for homeowners looking to create a luxury inground pool on the Gold Coast, and with over 20 years’ experience, we’ve designed and seen some pretty standout pools that add plenty of value to homes.

Let us take a look at some of the features that you can add to your pool design to up the lux factor.

Pool Features

There is plenty you can do inside your pool to give it a luxury tropical getaway feel – who doesn’t want to walk out their backyard and feel like they are in a hidden oasis on some tropical island?

Some of the more common features included in the luxury pool are:

  • Slides (particularly great if you have children)
  • Beach entries
  • In-pool lighting
  • Waterfalls
  • Infinity edges (fantastic for those living on a hill or with a sloped yard)
  • A grotto (a “hidden” cave that you can swim into)
  • A sun shelf
  • Swim-up bar (perfect for those who love entertaining)


For many, the landscaping is really what makes a pool a luxury design.  Why not consider:

  • Spa
  • A pool house
  • A pergola or a gazebo
  • A deck that seamlessly blends your home and your pool
  • Gardens

The gardens are one of the biggest factors that will up the luxury factor on your new inground pool on the Gold Coast. We really recommend speaking to an experienced landscaper to get some great ideas on how you can choose the perfect plants to really set your new pool apart.

If a luxury inground pool in your Gold Coast home is on the cards, call Aqua Living Pools for a free on-site consult.

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poolside wood floor photo