Concrete Above Ground Pool Builders QLD

Queensland’s hot and humid climate makes it an ideal place for the installation of swimming pools. Balmy temperatures and plenty of sunshine all year round encourage residents to install an above-ground swimming pool at their residences.

An above-ground pool is always a cost-effective way to improve the looks and style of your building. Many Queenslanders are also opting for above-ground pools because of the variety of options now available.

Above-Ground Pools, What Are They?

An above-ground swimming pool is a pool installed above the ground, generally in the backyard. Backyard above-ground concrete pools are evolving due to various materials that are now available to build them with. Earlier, inground swimming pools were common among Australians.

Cheaper costs and convenience in installation have made above-ground pools the first choice of Australians nowadays.

The following factors are growing the popularity of above-ground pools in QLD.

Cost Effectiveness


Pool cost is the primary factor that affects people’s choice of a ground pool. Although it depends much on the shape and size of the pool, building an above-ground pool saves a lot of money. You can also save some money by selecting an appropriate pool builder. The right pool builder can provide you with world-class engineering and a beautiful and durable pool design.

Installation Convenience

Convenience in the installation has also made above-ground pools a top consideration for QLD homeowners. Installation of above-ground pools requires much less building work when compared to inground pools. A professional pool builder can install above-ground pools quickly and preventing ongoing disruption.


In previous years, people have preferred inground pools due to the cleaner appearance. These days, with plenty of customisation options available, above-ground pools are preferred by many for their great look.

Modern above-ground pools can be designed to match the shape and style of your home, and many pool builders offer multiple ways to customise the pool from inside and out, including finishes and creative landscaping ideas.

Materials Used to Build Above-Ground Pools

With modern above-ground pools, there are three kinds of materials that are commonly used including vinyl, fibreglass and concrete.

Vinyl Liner

Above-ground pools made with a vinyl liner, can be built with steel structures to increase their strength. Usually, vinyl liner pools are sold as a complete pool build kit including pool shell, pump, filter and plumbing kit. With regular maintenance, repairs can be minimised, however vinyl liner pools aren’t as durable as other options and can require more maintenance and repairs.


Fibreglass pools have been preferred in the past due to their lower cost and the convenience. Fibreglass pools are manufactured off-site and then put together on-site. They offer a high level of strength and durability without the high price. Shipping container pools using fibreglass pool shells inside are becoming a popular option for those homeowners looking for a small pool option.


Concrete is becoming a more popular option for above-ground pools. Concrete allows for pools to be built to a variety of designs, and they last for years without the need for extensive maintenance. They are more expensive to build but the cost is worth it.

Features of Concrete Above-Ground Pools

Concrete above-ground pools have many features, including:

  • Customisable to suit the shape and size of your backyard.
  • Variety of finishes available
  • Easy to build on slopes
  • Allow structural additions
  • Flexible enough to add features later
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

If you don’t have the room to install an in-ground pool, but you’d still like the benefit of cooling off on a hot, humid QLD day, talk to the friendly and experienced team at Aqua Living Pools to see how a concrete above-ground pool may suit your home.

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