Best Pool Finishes to Choose From

There’s no better way to cool off in summer than in the pool. But who wants to look at a pool that doesn’t look great? Whether your pool finish needs to be updated or you are currently planning a pool, choosing the best pool interior finishes will make the difference to the overall aesthetics of your pool.

We look at some of the popular pool finishes that home owners regularly choose for their pools & spas.

Pebble Crete- A Lasting Investment

With cement and pebbles blended together, this pool finish gives your pool the perfect final touch. Pebble pools are both pleasing to look at and long-lasting.

Why should you get this pool finishing? Here are some of its many benefits:

  • Once water blasted, natural pebbles display multiple colors giving your pool a great look.
  • The colour and texture of Pebble Crete make stains barely visible.

Full Tile Pool- Provides Durability and Smoothness

You can get tile finishes made with a wide range of materials including stone, ceramic and porcelain.

Highly durable, these pool finishes when applied properly may never need a replacement!

So, what makes fully tile pool finishes special?

  • They make use of water reflection to give your pool a more artistic look.
  • Tile pool finishes require minimal maintenance which is very convenient.
  • There are hundreds of designs and you can choose the best suiting one.

Coping Tile- Contain Water Splashes

No one likes water getting behind their pool shell. Coping tile is the perfect solution! With its help, splashed water goes back into the pool.

Running around the outside of the pool, coping tiles provide beautiful accents to your pool.

Here are some benefits that these tiles provide:

  • Splashed water around the pool can cause you to slip, coping tiles help to stop this hazard.
  • During hot weather, these tiles don’t heat up so burning your feet isn’t a problem.
  • Their rounded edges allow swimmers to hold and avoid cutting themselves.

Water Band Tile and Pebble Crete – Perfect Option

Looking for cheaper options for pool finishes but still want it to look naturally beautiful?

A Water Band Tile and Pebble Crete pool finish is what you need!

Why is this?

  • It provides space between the pool coping and the water so swimmers can easily get into the pool.
  • Cleaning of debris inside the pool becomes easy.
  • This gives the pool an attractive finish.

As you can see there are some great pool finishes to choose from when designing your pool. Have a chat to the team at Aqua Living Pools to see what best suits your pool project design.

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