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Swimming pools are about the only way to beat the Gold Coast heat and enjoy summers without having to leave home. While many Gold Coast families have spent the summer enjoying swimming in their own pool, many more have been thinking about installing a pool.

Backyard pools are a great way to not only relax on the weekend or after a stressful day at work; they can also be great for gentle exercise in the privacy of your own home or used as muscle recovery after a session at the gym.

Being in the water is not only good for your physical health, but for your mental health as well. It releases endorphins in your brain, which increase positivity, wellbeing, happiness, and reduce stress.

On the Gold Coast, swimming is a leisure activity that can be enjoyed almost year-round, and if you go the heated pool route, it’s something that can be enjoyed day or night, even in the middle of winter.

Pool Installations – The Process

Many homeowners decide that a pool or spa would be a fantastic addition to their home to beat the heat and humidity the Gold Coast is known for, and everyone has their ideal pool design. However, putting that dream pool design on paper can stop many people in their tracks.

We’ve outlined some of the things you need to consider when putting your pool design on paper.

Define the Purpose

The first step before putting your dream pool design on paper is defining the purpose of building a swimming pool. Ask yourself some questions like why do you want to build a swimming pool. Do you want it for exercise, recreation, or relaxation? Will you enjoy with family or invite friends to enjoy? The purpose will play a role in defining the shape, style, and size of the pool.

Always keep in mind the interior and exterior of your home before building a pool. Decide whether it will enhance the look of your home or backyard. Think about how much sun exposure you want and various accessibility features you can add to it.

Leave Room for Future Features

A pool is one of the biggest investments people will make in their homes, apart from buying it in the first place. However, the pool you design today may not be the pool you want in 10 years’ time. Therefore, it is better to always leave room for future features – without room left, you may not be able to add features down the track.

What do people often add later on? Spas, water features, decking, outdoor kitchens, play areas, and garden structures are popular after-installation additions in many homes.

You can also plan to extend your pool season by leaving space for fire pits, patio flames, or heaters. Your pool design should always have room for accommodating extra pool features.

Local Bylaw and Property Restrictions

Before putting your pool design on paper, make sure you consult with your chosen pool builder on local bylaws and property restrictions including discharging wastewater from the pool. Ensuring your pool is built to building codes will mean that your building approval won’t be held up by the council.

Using a company offering professional pool design, like Aqua Living Pools, can be beneficial as they have a good understanding of both council regulations and pool design – they can help you design a pool that meets both the regulations and your needs.

What Else Do You Need?

An area that many don’t consider when thinking about design and space is where they are going to store the pool equipment and chemical storage. You need to think about whether you need a standalone shed to store your cleaning equipment, chemicals, pool toys, and accessories, or whether you are going to have someone come out and clean and service your pool for you, and store toys and accessories in your garage. Addressing this when considering your design will ensure you leave enough space.


The big one – your budget. Apart from your design, your budget is probably the most important aspect when thinking about a pool, and it will play a role in determining how your pool looks and the features you can include. Always set a budget upfront so that you know what you have to play with. An experienced pool builder and designer can give you an estimated figure so that you know where you can go with your design.

Getting it on Paper

Getting your dream pool design on paper is of course the most important step but it is also the last step in the design process. Doing a basic sketch yourself first is always a good idea as you can play around with design and features. Look through websites and magazines to find ideas of what you would like. Once you have a clear idea, make an appointment with a pool builder and designer to talk through your ideas and see them come to life.

At Aqua Living Pools, we invite you to come to our pool room and sit with one of our designers to talk about everything pools. You’ll walk out with a good idea of what can be incorporated into your build, and what your costs may look like.

Landscaping Around Swimming Pools

After your design and budget are set, you can start to think about landscaping. The right landscaping can turn a basic pool into a relaxing oasis away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. Choosing the right plants can not only help your pool look great, but also add to the value of your home.

If you don’t know a lot about plants, you may like to consult with a landscaper who can help you choose the best plants and materials for your pool surroundings.

Some options include:

  • Ornamental grasses for low maintenance but high visual appeal. Yellow Fox Tail, Giant Reed, Bamboo, Fountain Grass, Rush, Feather Grass, and Zebra Grass are among the best options.
  • Vines for the rustic look, especially over trellises and sheds. Vines can help hide imperfections while giving a great visual look. Some recommended vines include Jasmine, Passionflower, Lady Banks Rose, and Trumpet vine.
  • Trees are great as they provide shade to your pool area, however, it is important to select carefully. You don’t want to choose plants that create a mess or have roots that could damage your pool over time. Trees that shed lots of leaves, flowers, and fruit should be avoided due to needing continuous cleaning.
  • Container gardens are great due to portability, and are best planted with hardy plants that can take some wear, while still increasing visual appeal.
  • Fragrant plants and vines will whisk you away to a tropical island while swimming in your Gold Coast backyard. Select sweet-scented vines, shrubs, and trees and plant these on pathways and around the pool.
  • Growing tropical plants around your swimming pools can give you a sense of living in a tropical climate. Add Banana trees, Palms, Hibiscus, and Strelitziasto give your pools a tropical look and feel.
  • Evergreens and hedges can also be used around the pool. Choose green and low-maintenance options that don’t drop a lot of leaves.
  • For the cottage-style look, consider planting wildflowers around your pool.

The key point in adding a pool to your home is that it should complement your home rather than take attention away from it. While it is hard to really put a number on how much a pool will add to your home’s value, a really well-designed and well-maintained pool will increase the inquiries on your home if you put it up for sale, and it should push the value up.

No matter how close you are to the beach, a pool is a handy addition to most homes. It’s less hassle to get the family organised, and you can easily invite family and friends around for swimming and a BBQ no matter what time of day it is – you are restricted by the weather, whether the sun is up or the ability to get a car park.

There are a wide variety of swimming pool designs available to suit most homes. Whether you choose a concrete pool or prefer a spa to relax in, taking the right steps in your pool project will mean you end up with a great-looking pool that will be enjoyed for years to come.

If you’re ready to get designing on your dream pool and spa, talk to the friendly team at Aqua Living Pools. With over 20 years of experience in the pool building industry, we can help make your dream pool a reality.

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poolside wood floor photo