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Pools have their benefits here on the Gold Coast – you can swim all year round, you can relax with friends and family whenever you want, and the big one – you don’t need to fight traffic to get to the beach. But with an option of a fibreglass or concrete pool, why would you choose to go with a concrete option?

We explore the benefits of concrete pools on the Gold Coast.

Design Flexibility

Concrete pools allow for more flexibility in the design of your pool. Because these pools are created on site, poured into forms, they can be any size and any shape. You also have the option of a range of interior finishes including paint, tiled and pebbled surfaces. Concrete is a great option for those preferring larger pools or circular pools instead of the standard fibreglass pool shapes.

Unusual Sites

In an area where homeowners are dealing with long blocks or blocks of unusual shapes, a concrete pool is the preferred option. As with the flexibility of design, with a concrete pool, you can have your pool shaped to meet the constraints of your yard.


When you install a pool, you want an option that is durable; you don’t want to have to worry about tears in liners – the dogs can jump in the pool without damage concerns.

Look Good

Concrete pools look great, especially if you keep up with the required maintenance. Concrete offers the classic pool style, and you don’t need to worry about it separating or a liner bubbling requiring repairs.

There are of course some downsides to a concrete pool, mainly surrounding the initial install cost and maintenance costs, however, if you need a pool to suit a particular block of land, or you have a very specific style in mind, a concrete pool is the way to go.

Aqua Living Pools builds concrete pools on the Gold Coast, covering both the standard and the luxury design market. Wanting to look into having a pool installed? Contact us for a consultation today.

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poolside wood floor photo