4 Tips from Pool Builders

When thinking about building your pool, we know there are always things homeowners want to know from pool builders about the design and build. We’ve put together our top 4 tips from the experienced pool builders at Aqua Living Pools to help you get the pool of your dreams.

Create a Wish List

When engaging with a pool builder, it’s always best to have a wish list of what you would like in your pool design and surrounds. This makes designing your pool much easier and often much quicker. Do your homework and ready about the latest technologies, as well as gathering ideas on styles, designs and materials that will pull your dream pool area together.

Pool Design Lookbooks Help

Have you seen some great pool designs but really struggle to put your ideas into words? That’s fine – just snap a picture of the designs you love or cut them out from a magazine and put them together in a book. You could even go so far as to point out or circle the elements that you love, allowing the designer and pool builder to put together a pool that suits you.

How Do You Want to Use Your Pool?

Something many people don’t consider is how you actually want to use your pool. Perhaps its for the family to cool off in during summer or to entertain around. For other homeowners, its an architectural piece to make your home stand out. Knowing what you intend to use the pool for will help your pool builder design the best pool for your family.


Another area many homeowners don’t consider is their landscaping. Pools without landscaping can look a little bare but you need to ensure you have the right landscaping so that your pool and pool area doesn’t get full of leaves and berries, as well as ensuring that the root systems cannot damage your pool.

Considering installing a pool in your home? Aqua Living Pools can help you get the pool of your dreams. Contact us today to organise a meeting in our pool room.

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